Your Reflection

Hello lovelies…

I looked into a mirror last night before going to bed,just like we all do everyday,and I liked what I saw. I was like,”this is my reflection.” But then,as I thought about it, I realized that in itself isn’t my reflection. I mean,the mirror gives me exactly what I expect it to. If I’m on makeup, I get a dolled up reflection. If I just cried,I get a swollen or tear stained face as a reflection. And on and on and on. In short, whatever you see is as a result of what you intend to see.

Then I asked myself: “what then is my true reflection?” Lucky for me,I got my answer,and here it is:

My reflection is the lives I’ve touched. My reflection is the people who have picked one or two things from me. There’s no better reflection than that.

Have you ever looked at someone and  then liked one particular thing about that person and then you just started doing the same thing? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. We look at someone and then we’re like,”I want to be able to talk like this” or “I want to dress like she does” or “she’s so respectful. I want to be like that too”. When you begin to dress or talk or act or think like that person,you are a reflection of him or her.

And then the next question was: “do I have any reflection in this world?” I hope I already do. No one should leave this world without having at least one reflection. That would just be too sorrowful. And the real indication of growth is the number of people growing with and through us. If we’re growing alone,then we’re just existing.

We might already have reflections, unconsciously. I mean,there would definitely be someone who has picked one or two things from us along the way. But wouldn’t it be nicer if these reflections are created due to our own efforts?

I want to have reflections. I want people to grow with me. I want someone to look at me and say,”I made it because if you” or “thank God you came into my life”.

With that in mind, I can’t look at a mirror anymore and call what I see a reflection. Science can go ahead and argue with it’s theory, but that wouldn’t change anything (I’m not even in the field anyway).

I’ve not started. It’s something I just learnt, and I decided to share it with y’all. Let’s grow together; let’s create our reflections together. And who knows? I might just have created one reflection with this writeup. I hope.

Have a wonderful day, and don’t forget to create a reflection.




I believe it’s safe to say many of us play Word Cookies (I’ve come again with my puzzle ish). Anyway, for the sake of our brothers and sisters who don’t know what the game is all about, this game slash puzzle has to do with creating different words out of a set of letters that has been given you.

I played a particular level one time where the available letters were I,R,T,D,Y. From there,you would get DIRTY and TIDY. Antonyms got from the same set of letters. Fascinating, no?

Moral lesson:

Not all the letters given to you belongs to you. You just have to pick the ones that work for you. I mean,from DIRTY, I just need the letters T,I,D and Y. The letter R isn’t putting food on my table. The letter R isn’t affecting the price of Apple in the market,so I don’t need it.

And luckily for us,there are 26 letters in the English alphabet; more than enough letters to make your own words. And the good part is,you don’t have to pay any being to make use of any of these letters. “C’est gratuit.” So even if the letters aren’t enough, you get to pick any from the alphabet.

So,SORROW gets thrown your way,you only need the letter O. Pick the letters J and Y from the alphabet and create JOY. FAILURE gets thrown your way, you only need L,I,F,E = LIFE. Knowing fully well that,”when there is life, there is hope”.

No one can create your words for you. No one can limit you to some sad pieces of letters that only give you a bunch of heartbreaking words. You know what they say,”If life gives you lemons,make lemonade”.

My lovelies, create your words,pick your pieces,make it real. You’ll be smiling all day long.

Happy Sunday…

A Lesson From A Puzzle 2

For those who might be interested in this game,its name is Free Flow. Funny how something you underestimated could turn out to be more than you expected. I got this game from a friend, just to make him happy because I felt it was too easy to play,and I needed something more challenging than just connecting dots and colours. Turns out,this puzzle is more than just connecting the dots;it’s got to do with using your brain (if you know what I mean).

Now,back to business…

This level was pretty tough. In a game of Free Flow,you’ve got to connect the dots and get a star if you could complete the game with just the number of flows you have to make to complete it. Completing the game with more flows than you need gets you just a tick. Sounds easy enough,not so?

It was pretty easy at first,and I was bagging my stars like no man’s business. But like every other puzzle,you always move on to the tougher meats. I was supposed to win this with just 5 flows, but I played 19… Prior this one,I’ve always been replaying other levels,so I could get the perfect flows and earn my star.

But then it hit me…

I’m not perfect, so not everything I do has to be perfect. Only perfect people do perfect things, and absolutely no one in this planet is perfect. If everything was perfect, we wouldn’t be making upgrades of every product in this world.

You don’t have to be perfect,you just have to win it…

Once I had that understanding, I just played it to win,not to be perfect. Not that I don’t strive to get my star anymore (I still do, sometimes), but it’s no longer my driving force. I don’t get blinded too blinded by the star anymore. If I don’t get my star in a level,I know I’m still going to get it somewhere else.

Same with my Sudoku (I’m a puzzle freak). I don’t rush to meet up with the fastest time anymore,because even the fastest time isn’t the perfect time. I just play what I know,and win like I should,like I will…

That’s it my lovelies:::: you just have to win it. You don’t have to get the whole 100stars. No wonder why “A” starts from 70, and not 100…

Love you

Someone is Looking at You

I was in church one day,and after service, and all the normal greetings,I stood by the car, waiting for my people. While I was waiting, I was looking around,and someone caught my attention. I don’t remember what he was doing,but whatever it was fascinated me enough to stare at him for minutes but he was unaware that I was watching him. When my sister got to me,I said,”I’ve been staring at that man for a while now,and he isn’t aware of it. And that’s the same way another person would be looking at me without my knowledge. ”

It’s common knowledge that there is always someone looking at us,watching us,picking one or two things from us…but many times, we forget that these people might not be people around us. They might not even be people we’ve been expecting to look at or up to us. We try to ‘arrange’ ourselves, so we can fit into the criteria the people around us are holding over our heads. Then, when we know they aren’t looking, we drop our guards, forgetting that someone else is watching us from a very farrrrr distance.

The people watching you don’t have to stick to you like glue before you realize that someone is watching you. There are people watching you from the other side of the world,as unlikely as it may sound. I don’t know about you,but I’ve had occasions where people walked up to me,’proclaiming’ I did something,when I thought no one was watching…

Even though you look around, and notice that no one around you is watching, don’t forget that someone you can’t see is watching. Don’t let your liberty cause another man to fall. Whatever it is you’re doing, always remember that someone is watching you.

That’s it my lovelies: someone is watching you,even if you can’t or don’t see them. Whatever you do,keep that at the back of your mind.



The Premier University, the University of Ibadan, decided to move the date of resumption, adding two more weeks to the initial date.  This caused a lot of reaction from many students who were already eager to resume (why do I feel like I’m broadcasting? Oh well). One particular student said, “my mates in 300l in other schools are already writing their second semester examinations, while I’m yet to even begin the session.” In response to that, someone else said, “some of your mates are dead too, so what are you complaining about?” A perfect example of a worse case scenario.

No matter what you’re going through, there are worse case scenarios. For every seemingly worse case scenario, there are ‘worser’ case scenarios. And even for every seemingly worser case scenario, there is still something worser. And it goes on and on and on.

We tend to place so much focus on our problems, we forget that there are people with worse problems.  So your breakfast this morning was garri, someone else didn’t get something to eat, and then someone else didn’t even wake up, not because he didn’t want to, but because he couldn’t- Worse case scenarios.

Be grateful for everything you have, someone else couldn’t get them. Be grateful for even the things you don’t have, someone else would have preferred your problems to what he is going through. One day, with your grateful heart, your problems will be over.

My lovelies, always remember : whatever it is you are going through, it isn’t the worst that could happen to a man.  The worst is death, and you are alive.  And like they say, “when there is life, there is hope.” Don’t be weighed down by it. Square your shoulders and have a good day, because it is a good day…

You’ll Never Know Till You Try

There was this time I was packing my things, and I was trying to fit everything into a bag. There was this other smaller bag I was trying to put into that bigger bag, and it was looking like it wouldn’t fit in. I asked my roommate if it could possibly fit in, and she was like it wouldn’t, and I should just hold it as a separate bag.

I was contemplating what she said, until I just decided to at least ‘try’ to see what would happen; at least, to clear all doubts. Then, I put the bag in and voila! It actually entered. I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t tried it.

That got me thinking: many times we abandon ship even before getting on, just because the ship looks like it would capsize. We don’t start something because it wouldn’t be successful, or probably because people said it wouldn’t work. How are you going to know if the ship would capsize or not if you don’t get on it? I’m not saying you should rush into things, but there are some risks that are worth taking.

Don’t make your decisions based on what someone else said or experienced. What didn’t work for someone else could work for you. But then,how are you going to know that if you don’t try?

I was able to fit it all into a bag because I tried 😀😀. I know,I know, I know, it isn’t too much of a deal, but you get my point.

That’s it, my lovelies: You never know until you try.

It’s Me Again

This is like Purpose 2… I was a member of the “Phoneless Association” for a while (my friends created the Association), but I became an ex member a while back.  I think that’s the only excuse I have for my absence.

I promise this is the last time I would be giving an excuse.  I’m back and I’m BACK.

My lovelies, stay tuned to Gracespiration. I love you😘😘😘