The Parable of the Mind

Today, I’ll be telling you a story,although I’d rather we called it a parable. And this is dedicated to a friend who’s very dear to me. Enjoy!!!

There lived a great man (I don’t know what to call him). He was a great man born into a long generation of gardeners and he had 3 sons. By virtue of this fact,these 3 sons had to carry on with their family tradition,but to them,it was more than just a family tradition. It had become more or less like a religion,each man having an individual garden that they could plant on, any flower in the world that appealed to them.

Now, interestingly, the first son loved almost every plant he could see. So every time he found a new plant, you know what he would do? He would toss it into the garden and later,he’d come back to water it.

The second son on the other hand,you know what he loved? Of all the flowers in the world,he was in love with tulips, that every single day of his life,he would water it,day and night in his garden and cherish it. He loved it almost to the point of obsession.

The third son was much like the first son, in his love for variety- less variety though, because the love for one flower led to that of the other. He made interesting discoveries. He would pick out different seeds and then organize them according to their colours and sizes and the beauty they would bring out when combined together…And so the seeds were planted. And those seeds began to grow, just like the sons.

It was time for the first visit,where people would come to check out their gardens and see how well the young men have fared…

The second son’s garden was first in line: those tulips, they were so beautiful, and people would come into the second son’s garden and be like, “wow! This is beautiful! Splendid! What a great work you’ve done. Impressive!”

The third son’s garden was next. His garden flourished and people were even more amazed at the spontaneous brilliance. “Wow! This is even better! It’s like heaven on earth.”

But the beauty was not quite “too” remarkable… Or at least,when they got to the first son’s garden,they all seemed to change their minds about how amazing it was. You really should have seen this garden. It was amazing. What wild brilliance. Another level of genius they could only think was humanly impossible by yet another savant from the long line of gardeners. Some even called it Paradise.

Now, time crept again,almost unnoticeably, as it always does, and it was time for the second visit.

The second son’s garden looked a lot better; the best tulips they could ever find in that town. People came from all over the world to get tulips from just one man. Wow!

The third son’s garden,jeez! The blend! One flower’s beauty complemented the other and supplemented itself at the same time. It was a garden yet, looked like a museum at the same time. If there was one word for it this time,it was Eden. Second to paradise… But…

The first son’s garden, yes,it grew. Yes,it was pretty, but the plants wrestled for nutrients, wrestled for air,for space and none survived. Not a single one of them and sad enough,the only thing that illusively survived were the thorns and weeds. The garden lost its colour, its beauty. And the gardener,he lost everything.


The first thing we have to realize is: The mind is the Garden. Second,there are just so many lessons to be learnt from this sweet story/parable. I definitely won’t be able to state all,but I’ll drop what I have. You could too,in the comments box,if you feel it would be a blessing to someone. That settled,let’s go.

  • People don’t know it,but there’s a blessing in Simple. People wish they could sing and dance and be everything. But what we don’t realize is, the fact that life has made that decision for us,not making us good at many things,but one,is a blessing. We really tend to ignore that life has given us a purpose, something to work on and towards,a niche of specialization and concentration. That was the case with the second son. He had the ability to grow and nurture only one type of flower. Look how it turned out. He was able to concentrate on just that one thing,and he made a huge boom.
  • ‘Jack of all trades,master of none.’ How is it possible for us to have our hands in so many pies and not get overstuffed? Really,if there’s a way around it, I need to know. But until then,just stick to what you know,and develop it. We really should stop jumping up and down,getting engaged in just about anything that catches our attention. Then at the end of the day,we can’t even lay a claim on one thing we have achieved.
  • Be organized. Make plans. Have a focus. Have goals. The only difference between the first and third son is the ability to plan and be organized. They both had the same passion,but different approaches. Everything in this life revolves around order. That is why I have to go to school before I get a job before I get married before I get kids. Even God created the world in a particular ORDER. That should tell us that order is ancient, and should be treated as one.
  • The flowers in the garden of the first son had to fight for space, air and nutrients. Why? There were just too many of them. Worse,they weren’t aligned, like the third son’s. Congratulations on having a lot of aspirations- I do too. But the question is,how well are they going hand in hand? If we don’t create a balance,then our ‘flowers’,our dreams and our visions would die. There are just some things that we have to let go of,no matter how much we love them, because it’s obvious that they would just interfere with some other things. That’s when prioritization comes in…
  • Don’t envy that guy you think can do all. The little we have, how effective have we been with them? “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings and not mean men.” Be diligent with what you have, no matter how little, no matter how small. And you would definitely surpass that guy who has ‘more’. At the end of the day,there’s more to life than having more.

There are so many other lessons that can be learnt from this,but I think I’ve exhausted all I have. Like I said at the start,you could drop something in the comments box.

Bless you.




This was something I learnt a while back,thanks to a sister I cherish. There was a time I was having accommodation issues,so I had to stay with a couple. I wasn’t there alone,I was there with a friend. It would be an understatement to say we were frustrated. I mean,we really were. And the sad part was we couldn’t do anything about it;we just had to endure until our accommodation got sorted out. That didn’t stop us from complaining though.

When it seemed like just complaining to ourselves wasn’t getting us anywhere,we looked for someone who could sympathize or maybe even empathize with us. We got someone,and she turned out to be my friend’s sister. We met up with her and we started pouring out all our anger and frustration and everything else we could pour out.

And there we were,waiting for her to say something mean about the couple. But you know what she did? She gave us an illustration: the cows on the field are always being disturbed by the fleas, but they don’t even look like anything is wrong with them. But if you look close enough,you would notice that they swish their tails all day. They do that to chase the fleas away. And while they do that,they still graze,sleep,and go about their normal ‘duties’ like they couldn’t be bothered.

We didn’t understand what she was going on about until she explained. She said, “many times,when life throws some things at you,instead of letting it get to you, why not just swish your tail?” That got me,big time.

Why can’t we be like the cows and just rise above frustrations and disappointments? There are so many other things we can achieve with the time we use to think about the frustrations,disappointments and whatnots. The cow won’t get the time to achieve anything,if it concentrates on just chasing the fleas away.

Today,make up your mind to ‘swish your tail’ whenever it feels like something is about to get to you. Rise above hate,rise above what people say about you. We just can’t be bothered about the fleas in this life- there are just too many of them, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. My friend and I followed this principle and we did fine. You could too,if you follow…


I love puzzles so much; I love solving them (words,numbers and images). There’s just a way they teach lessons that help a lot in life. I’ve actually learnt a lot from solving puzzles and this is one of them.

The displayed image is a puzzle I solved recently, and something struck me. From the looks of it,it’s obvious that the puzzle has to do with connecting the dots with the same colour (the puzzle is Free Flow,just in case you’re interested). Truth is,I didn’t want it at first,because I felt it wasn’t looking ‘tough’ enough. But really, it is tougher than it looks. That’s by the way, though.

Look at the distance between the dots of the same colour. Some are so close,while the others are farther. But then,have you noticed that even for  some of the colours that are so close,there was no straightforward connection?

Take a look at the RED colour: the dots are close enough,but the line had to go around before meeting the other dot. And the LIGHT PURPLE,the line went round, made a curve,and another curve, before connecting with the other dot. Doesn’t that tell us something? Many times,even though we can see it right in front of us,we have to go round to get it. I mean,I want to get a degree,but I have to go to school, attend classes,write tests and examinations,fail them,pass them,write projects, etcetera, before I get the said degree. But then, like the WHITE, DEEP RED  and LEMON,some things are right in front of us and we can just take it.

We have to know what we have to work for and what we can just take with ease (although I doubt there’s much of that in this life). All I’m trying to say is, don’t rush at something just because it’s right in front of you. Good things don’t come easy. Assess the situation, don’t rush. The fish got hooked because it didn’t assess the situation.

Just make sure you don’t make the wrong decision.



So I woke up very early this morning to fetch water. There was no light and it was still very dark. I thought about switching on my flashlight, but before I could follow through on that thought, the lady walking ahead of me turned on her lamp (hers was brighter). I decided to follow that light.

She wasn’t holding anything, so she was moving so fast and I had to struggle to keep up with her,because of the bucket of water I was carrying. I had to increase my pace,so I wouldn’t lose contact with that light.

I realized two things:

  1. No matter how bright your light is,there will always be someone with a brighter light. And most times,we need the help of that brighter light, just like the moon needs the sun.
  2. Just like I had to make sure I didn’t miss that light, so also do we need to make sure we don’t lose our focus. It only takes seconds to lose focus and miss it,entirely. If I had stopped for a few seconds, or I had reduced my pace,I wouldn’t have been able to meet up anymore. Don’t lose your driving force.

One other thing I would say is: Be humble enough to recognize and acknowledge that brighter light. No matter how extraordinary you are, someone would be better. Don’t let pride and jealousy cloud your judgement. Stay under. Let that brighter light lead you. Who knows? You might just outshine that light someday. Just don’t lose focus…


When we say NEW, that means there must have been an OLD. That means there has to be a change…that means some things have to be left behind…that means some things have to be taken up.

‘It’s out with the old,and in with the new’. We can’t get something new when we haven’t let go of the old. And it’s a choice; nobody is going to force us to change. But if we don’t let go of our old strength, we won’t get the new one.

Isaiah 43:18-19a- “do not remember the former things,nor consider the things of old. Behold,I will do a new thing. Now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it?…” Another version says,”…shall you not take heed?…” meaning you have a choice. You could listen,and then you couldn’t.

Choose today to let go of your old strengths; they could be in form of relationships,values,hobbies,and so many other things. Shed your feathers to get new and stronger ones. Everyone is born to be great,we just have to determine whether we would be or not.

Remember: New Strength emerges after shedding the Old Strength.

Good morning.

First blog post

Hello everyone. So,this is my first blog post and I’d like to use this medium to state the purpose of this blog…

There are just so many thoughts flowing through our minds waiting to be expressed, waiting to be voiced out. But many times,we don’t pay attention to them, leaving these precious thoughts to waste away. Many people could be blessed and inspired through these thoughts and that is what Gracespiration is all about…

I hope that everything you get here answers some of your questions, give you a paradigm shift and broaden your mindset.

Thank you